Advanced Flight Training

Advanced Training

Tailwheel Endorsement

Additional training in a tailwheel-equipped aircraft is a fun and effective way to enhance your flying skills and increase your flying options. Tom Wood Aviation offers a tailwheel endorsement course in our Champion Citabria.

Complex Endorsement

The FAA designates any aircraft having flaps, a constant speed propeller, and a retractable landing gear as a complex aircraft. Tom Wood Aviation can teach you how to fly complex aircraft. Additional considerations, flight characteristics, systems, normal, and abnormal procedures are all covered during training.

Instrument Rating

Are you tired of being grounded due to low clouds or low visibility, or do you simply want to continue your training to become a safer, more proficient pilot? If so, training for and obtaining an instrument rating on your private pilot certificate is for you. Tom Wood Aviation utilizes the Cessna Pilot Center Instrument Rating Syllabus. The instrument rating can be obtained in any of our Cessna 172s, Piper Archers or Beechcraft Barons.

Commercial Certificate

If having aviation in your life as a hobby is just not enough and you want to turn it into a career, Tom Wood Aviation can help make your goal a reality. Among other privileges, once a pilot is commercially certificated, they can be compensated to fly. You will learn to fly new maneuvers required for this certificate and you will quickly be able to fly the aircraft within tighter tolerances than you have previously flown.  TAA (Technically Advanced Aircraft) available. 

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

Every successful pilot flying today can think back to valuable knowledge and insight they have picked up from one of their past flight instructors. Flight instructing is a great way to turn aviation into a career. It allows you to help future generations of pilots earn their wings and enables you to spend your work days where others can only daydream about; in the air. In Tom Wood Aviation's CFI course, you will learn not only to fly private and commercial maneuvers from the right seat, but how to teach and explain while flying as well.

Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument (CFII)

Certified Flight Instructors cover basic attitude instrument flying with private students, but only a CFI with an instrument rating on their instructor certificate (a CFII) can act as an authorized instructor for students training to obtain their instrument rating. Adding the "I" to your "CFI" allows you to teach more students and will make you a more proficient instrument pilot.