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Join the thousands that have taken to the skies on a discovery flight from Tom Wood Aviation.

A discovery flight is an experience that allows you to learn about what it takes to become a pilot. We begin by showing you the preflight inspection, a check every pilot performs before each flight. After the guided preflight inspection, the instructor will assist you with starting the aircraft, taxiing, and completing the before takeoff checklist. From that point, you will take the controls and take off, and control the aircraft all the way up to prior to touchdown. The entire experience lasts about one hour which includes about thirty minutes of flight time.


You must bring a copy of your PayPal receipt with you to your Discovery Flight.

Tom Wood Aviation can conduct discovery flights 7 days a week at nearly any time of the day. The cost for each session is only $150. If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them for you. Contact us at 317-849-0840, or visit us at the Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport to speak with a flight instructor in person. Contact a Chief Flight Instructor for more information about your Discovery Flight and money saving offers through our Flying Club.

If you decide to continue on with your flight training, this flight time will count towards the hours required for your certificate as well!

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